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About Us

Brandone have specialised in the supply of marking equipment for part identification for more than 50 years.
Our expertise and the extensive range of marking equipment that we can offer means that we can provide the optimum solution for any marking problem.

Our list of equipment shown below illustrates clearly how we can make this claim:-

This comprehensive list of marking equipment means that whatever the material which requires a permanent mark, we can offer the appropriate solution thanks to the experience of our technical staff in dealing with myriad of different marking needs over scores of years.

So, whether it is stainless steel, mild steel, brass, aluminium, hardened metals, plastic, leather or wood you need to mark please turn to us for the best answer.

Centre punches can be fitted with individual marking punches for use as inspection stamps.

Impact presses are ideal for indenting a mark into  flat surfaces, and the mark can either be produced using a type holder with interchangeable steel types, or with a numbering head for variable or sequential serial numbers.

Impact units are specifically designed for incorporation into production lines, test rigs etc.

If you need to mark around the circumference of cylindrical components, then roller marking is the answer.

For marking plastics, wood or leather a hot marking machine will  leave a permanent mark with or without colour, depending on whether the machine is fitted with a foil feeder.

Electrolytic marking is the option to be chosen for marking hardened metals with a permanent mark. Models are available from hand held units right up to fully automatic equipment with automatic loading and unloading.

A particularly popular marking method has been the PC controlled dot marking machine. This operates very similarly to Microsoft Wordâ in that you can choose any true type font, the height and compression of the characters to be marked, as well as incorporating standard features such as automatic serial numbering, shift codes, array marking, date codes etc. The machine will then mark the data selected in seconds by indenting a series of micro-dots into the material, thus leaving a permanent mark.

Included in the basic package is the ability to download and mark logos, special signs etc., while the standard on-board database makes it an easy  option to pass marking data from an external database to the on-board database with the addition of simple enabling software. This feature eliminates the need for  operator-controlled data input.

Finally, for the latest technology: laser marking. We offer CO2  lasers, YAG lasers and Vanadate (YVO4) laser based machines so again we can claim to provide the ideal marking solution using laser technology. The different laser systems are offered in  a variety of formats from laser units for incorporation in automatic lines, hand loaded and unloaded models right up to fully automatic equipment.