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Auto & Non-Auto Numbering Heads

The automatic numbering heads allow the marking of a sequentially increasing serial number. The height of the characters on the wheels (1 mm up to 10 mm) and the number of wheels can be chosen to suit your needs. They are primarily intended for use on AUTOMATOR impact presses or roller marking machines, but can also be adapted for use. in other equipment.

The non-automatic version let you set quickly and simply theĀ  numbers (or letters) needed to be marked. Each wheel can have up to 14 engraved divisions (for character sizes up to 5 mm), which can be combination of numbers and some letters. They can be rotated individually by pressing on the appropriate lever. A read-out facility simplifies the setting of the desired data.

Non-automatic and automatic wheels can be combined in one head, thus permitting the marking of a variable information followed by a consecutive serial number.