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Dot Marking Machines and Units

Dot marking is an extremely popular and effective way of marking fixed and variable information quickly and without any fuss. As its name implies, it indents a series of small, stress-free, dots into metal or plastic parts. The dots generate the numbers, letters, symbols or logos  which are then marked in seconds.

The MarkFirst dot peen marking machines and units include marking heads with different marking areas to suit any given application and range from 25mm x 60mm up to 300mm x 400mm.

A selection of different stylus pins provide the ability to mark either continuous dot marking, deep-marking or separate dots.  Both pneumatically and electrically (solenoid) operated stylus pins are offered.

All models are operated by a standalone controller without the need for a PC.  The controller contains everything that you want.  It is operated via a user-friendly touch screen with all the facility for operating the marking head and other external connections, such as electrical ‘Z’ axis, rotary fixture, USB, RS232 and Ethernet connections.

The controller gives you the choice of a wide variety of different marking requirements, including TTF, alphanumeric characters, logos, sings, date codes, shift codes, sequential serial numbering and much more.

There are hand-held models, conventional column and base mounted marking machines as well as units for integration.  

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