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Electrolytic Marking Machines

This system is specially useful when hardened components such as bearings, motor valves, milling cutters, knives taps etc. have to be marked. Electrolytic marking requires the use of a stencil, electrolytic fluidĀ  and an electrical current. The part to be marked has a stencil held against it.

The stencils can be made from plastic or paper, and the end-user can create his own paper stencils in conjunction with a Brother® printer. Plastic stencils have to be factory made, but last longer than paper ones and also can have logos or special symbols cut into them.

The electrolytic fluid runs through the letters or signs cut into the stencil thus bringing it in contact with the component while the electrical current then causes an indelible mark to be created.

The fluid is 75% water and 25% neutral salts. This means it is safe and will not leave any corrosion on the component requiring subsequent cleaning.

Various models are available from simple hand-held devices right up to fully automatic systems with auto feed-mark-eject of the parts.