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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers you give to the following questions will help us determine the correct marking system for your particular needs:-

1) What material do you want to mark?

2) What is its tensile strength?

3) How many parts per hour, per day or per week do you want to mark?

4) What is the maximum number of characters you need to mark?

5) Do you need to mark 1,2 or multiple lines of information?

6) What is the height (size) of the characters you want to mark?

7) Is the information to be marked fixed or variable?

8) If variable, how often does it change?

9) Do you need to mark sequential serial numbers?

10) If yes, do you want to count upwards or downwards?

11) Do you want the sequential number to change every cycle, or every 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th cycle?

12) Do you want to mark the date?

13) Do you want to mark the time?

14) If yes, how do you want the date or time to be shown?

15) Do you need to mark logos?

16) Are the logos available in .dwg, .dxf or .wmf format?

17) Do you want to download the information to be marked from your database to the marking machine?

18) What surface do you want to mark on (e.g. flat, round cylindrical, hexagonal,  etc)?

19) Is the material to be marked delicate, or can it withstand an impact?

20) Do you want to bring the part to be marked to the machine, or do you want a portable means of marking?

21) How will the part be presented to the marking machine, manually or automatically?

22) Do you require special fixturing to hold the part to be marked?