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Impact Presses and Units

These are based on the principle of an automatic centre punch, only bigger. The impact force can be pre-set accurately, and will be repeated time and again regardless of how hard the operator pulls on the handle (for manually operated models). This means that the same impact force is generated time after time, and consequently the same depth of mark, riveting pressure, or whatever other use the presses are chosen .

There are 3 models in the range, and they are available either as hand operated machines, pneumatically operated machines, pneumatically operated impact units (for incorporation in automatic lines) or impact spindles.

The impact presses are primarily intended for marking applications, but the accurate and dependable impact force makes them ideal for such uses as riveting, press-fitting, inserting, trapping of balls etc.

When used for marking we can offer as standard a comprehensive range of types, type- holders and numbering mechanisms.