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Laser Marking Machines

AUTOMATOR Laser marking uses a light source generated either from a CO2 or Vanadate (YVO4) system.
Depending on the material to be marked and the intensity of the laser beam it is possible to mark both in black and colour.

CO2 based lasers are suitable for marking on to organic materials, e.g. wood, leather, plastic etc.

Vanadate lasers (which represent the latest development in YAG type lasers) are offered for marking all other materials and metals including those which have been hardened. 

Apart from the laser source, another important element is the software package which determines the scope and flexibility of the marking program. AUTOMATOR offer their own specially designed software packages which are extremely user-friendly and provide a far-ranging marking program.

Other standard optional extra are a Z-axis, and a Theta rotary table. The lasers are supplied in a variety of different models  from units for integration into production lines, small foot- print bench top models, medium production  and high production units.

The right model for any given application will depend on the material to be marked, the size of the part and production rate.